Magnekon began operations in 1997, as a result of the successful expansion of Viakon´s magnet wire production line. By 2000, the expansion required the building of a new manufacturing facility that houses the most advanced technology for development of drawing, coating, testing and packaging of magnet wire.
Magnekon has a broad variety of products with aluminum and copper conductors. Their product lines include rectangular and square wire--bare, paper wrapped and coated. Utilizing the most advanced technology in the field, Magnekon offers innovative product solutions to meet the demanding needs of manufacturers of electrical motors, ballasts for fluorescent lamps and transformers, and compressors for refrigeration among other applications.
Today, with experience, technology and financial soundness, Magnekon is able to rapidly adapt to changes and trends in the magnet wire industry. Additionally, Magnekon has made important strides into the OEM and export business. Almost 60% of its production is exported to the United States, Canada and several other countries in Central and South America.